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Reynen Genealogy

Welcome to this (work-in-progress) website, which contains information about the Reynen family. I am also descended, of course, from the Herlein family...hopefully I can begin researching that side of the family as well.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy!!

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Introductory Remarks

Before I begin, please realize that this is more of a family narrative for the Reynen line that goes up from me (David J. Reynen) through my dad, Kenneth E. Reynen, his dad, Cornelius G. Reynen, his dad, Albert Reynen, his dad, Cornelis Reijnen, his dad, Bartholomeus Reijnen, and his dad, Hermanus Reijnen (this is as far back as I am confident...I may have found two more generations -- Gerardus Dirk Reijnen and his mother, Joanna Jansen).

By the way, "Reynen" was spelled "Reijnen," until it was Americanized when Albert (Reijnen) Reynen came over from the Netherlands.

Of course, the wives of all of these men (i.e., Jill Dene Whitney, my wife; Nancy Jean (Herlein) Reynen, my mom; Almira Janet (Klein) Reynen, my grandma; Heintje (DeGeest) Reynen, my great grandma...and on up the line) are included, too, on this "primary" (as far as my genetics are concerned) webpage.

To see some of the "branches" to this part of the Reynen family tree (including the "branches" that are my brothers and their families), please click here (you may want to open the webpage into a new window and toggle back-and-forth to view this one and that one at essentially the same time); by the way, there will be additional, appropriately-placed opportunities within the narrative below to check out some of the "branches."

Here we go...

The information below is the best I have right now...if I learn more, I'll try to update/improve what's here...

 Gerardus D. (Dirk) Reijnen (Reynen, Americanized), whose mother's name was Joanna Jansen, is a man I believe is one of my ancestors... (This belief if predicated on the information I have found regarding the next generation.) Gerardus was born around 1769-1772 in Groesbeek, Gelderland, the Netherlands. He married Henrica Jans Bebber (sometimes spelled with an "s" or an "a" on the end), who was also born in Groesbeek (around 1774). Together they had at least one child, a son whom they named Hermanus.

 Hermanus Reijnen (Reynen, Americanized) is definitely the name of one of my ancestors; in fact, it is known that a man named Hermanus fathered a son named Bartholomeus, which is the name of a man about whom I have definitive information as one of my ancestors...see below). There are, however, two possible (based on date and place of birth) Hermanuses (that could be in my ancestral line). I'm going to discuss the more likely one, again, based on the dates and places of birth. I think this is reasonable. My research indicates that (the) Hermanus (I found) was born, according to the online genealogical search engine of The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints (LDS), on March 19, 1801, in Groesbeek, Gelderland, the Netherlands to Gerardus Dirk Reijnen (born about 1769 or 1772 in Groesbeek, Gelderland, the Netherlands) and Henrica Jans Bebber (born about 1774 also in Groesbeek, Gelderland, the Netherlands). Additional research indicates that a man named Hermanus Reijnen married a woman named Metje Hendrikse, and together they had at least one child, a son, Bartholomeus Reijnen, the one I believe to be my ancestor. Though qualified a bit, I do believe that the Hermanus whose birth record I discuss is the Hermanus whose marriage (and child) I discuss and is, therefore, my ancestor.

This a good place to add some additional information that provides some context for my statements: Based on the additional research I've done, I've learned that Groesbeek, Gelderland, the Netherlands, may be important when trying to reach further back in the family history: Groesbeek is where (the) Hermanus (I found) was born (Mar 19, 1801) and his dad, Gerardus Dirk Reijnen, was born (around 1769-1772), as was Gerardus' wife/Hermanus' mom, Henrica Jan Bebber, born around 1774.

Again, I do know that a man named Hermanus Reijnen was Bartholomeus' father -- and I do know that there was this guy (whom I've located), Hermanus Reijnen, born in Groesbeek in 1801...same name, ballpark birthdate, and proximal place of birth (relative to what I'd expect for my relative)...but I'm not 100% sure that they are, in fact, one in the same.

I think it's the right guy...which means (if I'm right) that Gerardus is my great-great-great-great-great-grandpa. By the way, his mother's name is Joanna Jansen -- I have no information on Gerardus' father...and there are tons of Joanna Jansens, according to online genealogical sites.

And for some visual aids (which support my case that the line extends (back in time) from Bartholomeus to Hermanus (and Metje), then to Gerardus (and Henrica), and then to Joanna Jansen), here is a link to a map of the Netherlands.

You may want to open this link in a new window (and toggle back-and-forth), by the way.

Once you're there, you can click on a province and zoom in...

If you zoom in on Gelderland, you'll see two parts called arrondissments (which are just regions, I think). In the Arhhem arrondissment, you'll see...

Arnhem, Gelderland, the Netherlands
  • where Albirt (Albert or Albertus) was at the time he left for the US with Heintje (his wife), Jan Dirk (his brother) and Berdina (his sister) -- see below...

    Heteren, Gelderland, the Netherlands
  • where Bartholomeus was born (see below about Randwijk)
  • where Bartholomeus and Aagje married in 1856
  • where their son Cornelis was born in 1858
  • where Bartholomeus was buried

    Another place of interest (not shown on the map) is Randwijk (which is referenced in some family papers disucssing Bartholomeus), which is (now) a settlement in the Overbetuwe municipality, the result of a merger on January 1, 2001, of the former municipalities of Elst, Heteren (see above) and Valburg. I believe that Randwijk is probably a "neighborhood" within Heteren (which makes sense given that Heteren is listed as the place of Bartholomeus' marriage to Aagje Timmerman; their son Cornelis' birth; and Bartholomeus' burial). While you cannot see Randwijk, you can see that the merger of Elst, Heteren, and Valburg is adjacent to Arnhem and not too far from Groesbeek -- which is why I think that the information I found on a Hermanus Reijnen (and Gerardus Reijnen) is indeed information on my ancestors.

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     Bartholomeus Reijnen (Reynen, Americanized) has an interesting story... He was born around 1840 (1840, according to family papers, or 1832, according to the online genealogical search engine of The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints (LDS)) in Randwijk, Gelderland, the Netherlands, to Hermanus Reijnen and Metje Hendrikse (I'm certain of his parents' names). Bartholomeus Reynen married Aagje (sometimes spelled Aagtje) Timmerman (born in 1834 in Zijpe, Gelderland, the Netherlands, to Jan Timmerman and Grietje De Zeeuw) on May 15, 1856, and together they had 4 children (I believe all in Randwijk, Gelderland, the Netherlands): Metje Reynen (born September 17, 1857), Cornelis Reijnen (born November 5, 1858), Harmina Reynen (DOB unknown), and Harmanus Reynen (DOB unknown).

    At some point, Bartholomeus and Aagje were no longer married (without dates, I don't know if she died or if they divorced).

    Bartholomeus then married Berendina Vanden Born (born February 4, 1825, in Wageningen), who had previously been marred to Cornelis Janssen-Van Rossum (born October 11, 1810, in Randwijk) -- again, I don't know if she (Berendina) was a widow or if she was divorced (from Cornelis Janssen-Van Rossum). Berendina and Cornelis Janssen-Van Rossum (the first husband) had had 2 children, both in Wageningen: Arnoldus Janssen (born August 19, 1851) and Gysberta (born February 22, 1859).

    Now pay attention to these names (and reread the above, if that helps put the pieces together): Arnoldus Janssen married Metje Reynen and Gysberta married Cornelis Reijnen -- which means that (without knowing the order of the weddings), a father (Bartholomeus) and his daughter (Metje) and son (Cornelis) married a mother (Berendina) and her son (Arnoldus Janssen) and daughter (Gysberta).

    Following the family tree, then, to the next generation...and with these marriages in mind, the paternal grandparents (including a step-grandmother (Berendina)) of Albirt (Albert) and his siblings, Jan Dirk (John D), Berdina, Agatha Cornelia, and Cornelis (Case) -- all of whom were Cornelis' and Gysberta's chidren -- were also their maternal grandparents (including a step-grandfather (Bartholomeus)).

    These grandparents, of course, are Bartolomeus Reynen and his second wife, the former Berendina Vanden Born, formerly married to Cornelis Janssen VanRossum.

    Incidentally, the same is true for their 7 cousins, whose parents were Metje and Arnoldus Janssen (though the stepgrandparents are flip-flopped): Aagje Janssen-Van-VanRossum, Berendina Cornelia Janssen-Van-VanRossum, Bartholomeus Cornelis Janssen Van-VanRossum, Gysberta Janssen-Van-VanRossum, Hermina Janssen-Van-VanRossum, Arnoldus Janssen-Van-VanRossum, and Herman Janssen-Van-VanRossum.

    Though a little redundant, perhaps, (and somewhat early in this ancestral narrative,) here are some vital statistics for these twelve grandchildren (the first 5 are the children of Cornelis Reynen and Gysberta Janssen-VanRossum, and the next 7 are the children of Arnoldus Janssen and Metje Reynen):

    1. Berdina (Reynen) Bothof
  • born May 15, 1884, in Arnhem, the Netherlands
  • married January 10, 1912, to John Bothof, in Newton, IA
  • 4 children: Cornelius, Gerrit John, John Jr., and Bertha Cornelia
  • died November 5, 1958, in Hollandale, MN

    2. Albert Reynen (more information below)
  • born September 7, 1885 (or 1876), in Arnhem, the Netherlands
  • married May 19, 1909, to Heintje DeGeest, in the Netherlands
  • 3 children: Baby Boy, Cornelius Gysbert, Henry Gerard
  • died October 11, 1958, in Hollandale, MN

    3. Agatha Cornelia (Reynen) Wulfraat
  • born January 30 (or 31), 1889, in Arnhem, the Netherlands
  • married August 26, 1906 (or 1910), to Carl Johan Wulfraat, in the Netherlands
  • 2 children: Gysberta Cornelia and Agatha Cornelia
  • married again (April 1, 1925) to Gerrit A. DeVries, in Knoxville, IA
  • Gerrit had two children already: Gertrude Hattie and Bertha Lois
  • died November (or December) 29, 1959, in Pella, IA

    4. John D. (Jan Dirk, as he's called in other documents) Reynen
  • born May 5, 1895, in Arnhem, the Netherlands
  • married January 25, 1922, to Pearl A. Rozendaal, in Sully, IA
  • 9 children: Albert Jean, Willis C., Antoinette Pearl, Elizabeth Johanna, Bernice Berdina, Marjorie Ann, Wilma Jane, John Dale, John D., Jr. (who died in infancy)
  • died August 6, 1959, in Hollandale, MN

    5. Cornelis (Case) Reynen
  • born December 7, 1897, in Arnhem, the Netherlands
  • married January 10, 1923, to Coba De Koning, in Honeyfork, ND
  • 7 children: Bertha Ann, Anna M., Cornelia, Matilda, Louise, Dorothy Jane, John Benjamin
  • died May 15, 1974, in Hollandale, MN

    1. Aagje Janssen-Van-VanRossum
  • unknown date of birth
  • died at 2 years of age

    2. Berendina Cornelia Janssen-Van-VanRossum
  • born September 26, 1879, in Helenaveen, the Netherlands
  • no marriage information
  • no death information

    3. Bartolomeus Cornelis Janssen-Van-VanRossum
  • born June 23, 1881, in Elst (Gelderland), the Netherlands
  • no marriage information
  • no death information

    4. Gysberta Janssen-Van-VanRossum
  • born June 15, 1882, in Elden (Elst), the Netherlands
  • no marriage information
  • no death information

    5. Hermina Janssen-Van-VanRossum
  • born April 5, 1886, in Heteren, the Netherlands
  • no marriage information
  • no death information

    6. Arnoldus Janssen-Van-VanRossum
  • born July 25, 1894, in Arnhem, the Netherlands
  • no marriage information
  • no death information

    7. Herman Janssen-Van-VanRossum
  • unknown date of birth
  • died at 13 years of age

    Back to Bartholomeus Reynen (the grandfather of these 12) -- no death data are available, though the family papers indicate that he may have been buried at Driel, Heteren, the Netherlands.

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     Cornelis Reijnen (Reynen, Americanized), as indicated above, was born on November 5, 1855, in the Netherlands, to Bartholomeus Reijnen and Aagje Timmerman. He was married to Gysberta Janssen-VanRossem, who was born February 22, 1859 to Cornelis Janssen-VanRossum and Berendina VandenBorn (who was, therefore, Cornelis' step-mother and mother-in-law, both, assuming that everyone lived long enough and stayed married long enough for this to be the case). Cornelis and Gysberta together had five children (Berdina, Albert, Agatha, John D., and Cornelis (known as Case)). These children were the ones whose children were born in the United States. Cornelis Reijnen died on April 15, 1929, and was buried in Hollandale, MN, along with his wife, Gysberta, who died July 22, 1941.

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    Now, moving to the arrival in the United States...

    Note: The information on the emmigration of Albert Reynen was obtained from The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation, Inc. and Marsha (Reynen) Wilder and her daughter Rebekah. (Marsha, the person who gave me the The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation, Inc. reference, is my second cousin -- her dad, David L. Reynen, and my dad, Kenneth E. Reynen, are first cousins). Some additional information was obtained from the online genealogical search engine of The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints (LDS).

     Albirt or Albertus Reijnen (Albert Reynen, Americanized) was born on September 7, around 1885 (or, according to an LDS record, 1876) in Huisen, in the Gelderland Province of the Netherlands, to Cornelis Reijnen and Gijsberta Jansen Van Rossum (born in 1859 in Heteren, Gelderland, the Netherlands, to Cornelis Jansen Van Rossum and Berendina Van Den Boren -- the second wife of Bartholomeus Reijnen...see above). On May 19, 1909, in Arnhem, the capital city of the Gelderland Province, the Netherlands, Albert married Hendrika (who went by "Heintje" or "Henrietta" and whose maiden name was DeGeest), born (according to the LDS records) in Arnhem on January 13, 1882 (to Steven DeGeest and Hendrika Gerdina Bos). Shortly after his marriage, Albert Reijnen left for America. He arrived on the SS Potsdam at Ellis Island, New York, en route from Rotterdam, the port near his home in Arnhem, on March 21, 1911, along with this wife, his brother Jan Dirk, and his sister, Berdina. Albert was about 25, Heintje was about 29, Jan Dirk ("John D.," Americanized) was about 15, and Berdina "Dena" was about 26. They were bound for Marion County, Iowa.

    In addition to siblings Jan Dirk ("John D.") and Berdina ("Dena") mentioned above, Albert Reynen had two other siblings, Agatha Cornelia and Cornelis ("Case"), who did not emmigrate with him, his wife, Jan Dirk, and Berdina. Click here for information about these "branches" (Albert's siblings). Again, you may want to open the webpage into a new window and toggle back-and-forth to view this one and that one at essentially the same time.

    Albert and Heintje Reynen had two sons (who survived), Cornelius Gysbert Reynen and Henry Gerard Reynen, and one son who did not survive (Baby Boy Reynen -- no DOB is given for Baby Boy Reynen, but one family document lists him before listing Cornelius, the older of the two sons who survived.) Click here for information about the "branch" that includes information on Albert's family (you may want to open the webpage into a new window and toggle back-and-forth to view this one and that one at essentially the same time).

    According to the family papers, Albert died on October 11, 1958. Heintje preceded him in death, having passed away on July 8, 1950 (which, sadly, was her son Cornelius' 34th birthday). They are buried in Hollandale, Minnesota.

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    Note: The information on Cornelius Gysbert Reynen is adapted from two sources: (1) The Necrology Report, as published in the Proceedings of the 2002 Annual Meeting of the General Synod of the Reformed Church in America and (2) his obituary, as published on February 26, 2002, in The Holland Sentinel, the local newspaper in Holland, Michigan.

     Cornelius Gysbert Reynen, the son of Albert and Henrietta (De Geest) Reynen, was born on July 8, 1916 in Otley, Iowa. At the age of five years he moved with his parents to Hollandale, Minnesota where he attended grade school and graduated from high school. Cornie, as he was known, then enrolled at Central College in Pella, Iowa. He graduated from Central College (Philosophy major) in 1939 and then attended Western Theological Seminary in Holland, Michigan. Cornie graduated from seminary with his Master of Divinity degree in 1942. On August 8, 1940 he and Almira Janet Klein, who was born in Pella, Iowa, on June 30, 1918, the fourth of five children to Anthony G. Klein and Pauline Ver Ploeg (and who is a 1940 alumna of Central College's teacher preparation program and a former teacher -- from 1938 to 1940 -- at Valley School, located 5 miles southeast of Pella, IA), were united in marriage. To this union five sons were born: Kenneth Eugene who died 3 days following his birth, Kenneth Eugene, Paul Allan and twins: Richard Dean and Roger Gene, who died at the age of 9 months. Click here for information about these "branches" (Kenneth's siblings). Again, you may want to open the webpage into a new window and toggle back-and-forth to view this one and that one at essentially the same time.

    Rev. Cornelius G. Reynen was licensed and ordained by the Classis of East Sioux in 1942, and he and Almira served Reformed Churches of America in Archer, Iowa (1942-1944: American); Erie, Illinois (1944-1949: Newton Zion); Holland, Michigan (1949-1954: Bethel); Lansing, Illinois (1954-1958: Grace); Grand Haven, Michigan (1958-1964: First); Kalamazoo, Michigan (1964-1969: Hope); Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin (1969-1976: First); and Des Moines, Iowa (1976-1982: Bethany). Following his retirement from the Bethany Reformed Church in Des Moines, Iowa, they moved to Pella, Iowa in 1983. Rev. Reynen then served as the Calling Pastor for the First Reformed Church (until 1988). Rev. Reynen served his congregations faithfully throughout his ministry and enjoyed two hobbies: landscaping and gardening. He also enjoyed fishing with his sons. In August of 2001, Rev. Reynen and Almira sold their home in Pella and became residents of Fair Haven East, a retirement community in Pella. They enjoyed making this transition together.

    In January of 2002 Rev. Reynen became a resident in the Long Term Care Unit at the Pella Regional Health Care Center. On Thursday evening, February 21, 2002 he passed away in the Pella Regional Health Care Center at the age of 85 years, seven months and thirteen days. Rev. Reynen was survived by his wife of sixty-one years, Almira, their three sons and their wives, six grandsons and their wives, and four great-grandsons (at the time of his passing).

    Of his original family, Rev. Reynen was survived by his younger brother, Henry Reynen and his wife, Henrietta of Hollandale, Minnesota. His wife, Almira's family included (at the time of Cornelius' passing) the following siblings: her brother, Henry A. Klein; and her sister, Ester and her husband, Virgil Boot, all of Pella, Iowa. He was preceded in death by his two sons who died in infancy and his parents: Albertus and Henrietta Reynen. Rev. Reynen was a faithful member of the First Reformed Church in Pella, Iowa, and Cornie found much joy in sharing the gospel with all those he could.

    An update: After her husband's passing, Almira Reynen remained a resident at Fair Haven East in Pella, IA, until her failing health necessitated a move to The Comfort House, a Pella Hospice. It was there that her Lord called her home on November 27, 2004. She had reached the age of 86 years, four months, and 27 days. Those left (at the time of her passing -- there have been changes, including more granddaughters-in-law and more great-grandchildren) to cherish her memory are her three sons and their wives, six grandsons and their wives, four great grandsons and two great granddaughters. They are the Rev. Dr. Kenneth E. and Nancy J. Reynen (and Greg & Denise and Spencer & Tate; Jim & Jennifer and Grace; and Dave & Jill and Alex & Tyler), all of California; Rev. Paul A. and Christine Reynen (and Kevin; Steve & Jill and Hope; and Scott), of Illinois (at the time of her passing, they all lived in Illinois); and Richard D. and Marilyn Reynen of Novi, Michigan. (Again, these were the family members at the time of Almira's passing.) Of her original family, Almira leaves her brother Henry Klein of Knoxville, Iowa and her sister Esther Boot of Pella. Of her husband's family she leaves her sister-in-law, Henrietta Reynen of Austin, Minnesota. Almira was preceded in death by her husband, Cornie, two sons Kenneth and Roger, both of whom died in infancy, her mother Pauline, who passed away in 1945, her father Tony who passed away in 1947 and two sisters, Levina Vander Werff who passed away in 1958 and Lucille De Ronde who passed away in 1985.

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    Note: While the information on previous relatives comes from various sources, including obituaries, the information on my Dad, Ken, is from what I know as his son and through the family history. And, given that I've told him that I'm putting this information online, perhaps he can correct any inaccuracies and/or provide additional details. Email me, Dad, if you have anything! Incidentally, this is not supposed to sound like an obituary...

     Kenneth Eugene Reynen, the son of Cornelius Gysbert and Almira Janet (Klein) Reynen, was born on March 7, 1943 in Sheldon, Iowa. While growing up, Kenneth moved with his parents and his brothers Paul (who is two years younger than Kenneth) and Richard (who is five years younger than Paul) every five or so years, as Cornelius served different churches. During Kenneth's childhood and adolescent years, the C.G. Reynen family moved to Erie, Illinois in 1944; to Holland, Michigan in 1949; to Lansing, Illinois in 1954; and to Grand Haven, Michigan in 1958. It was while the Reynens lived in Grand Haven that Kenneth met Nancy Jean Herlein, the daughter of Louis and Grace (Haken) Herlein, who was living in Muskegon, Michigan (just North of Grand Haven), the city in which she was born (on 08/01/1943).

    In 1961, Kenneth graduated from Grand Haven High School and Nancy graduated from Muskegon High School. Both attended Hope College in Holland, Michigan (Ken was a Greek & Religion major and Nancy was an English major), and both graduated in 1965, the year after they were married. That same year, Ken began studying for his Bachelor of Divinity/Master of Divinity (BDiv/MDiv) degrees at Western Theological Seminary in Holland, Michigan (though his Clinical Pastoral Education was completed through Andover Newton Theological School in Newton Centre, Massachusetts), and Nancy began teaching in nearby Hudsonville, Michigan. In May of 1968, Ken graduated from seminary and accepted a call to be the pastor of Arcadia Reformed Church (now called Woodlane Community Church) in the village of Newark, City of Arcadia, in Wayne County, New York. Ken and Nancy (who had completed three years of teaching English in Hudsonville, Michigan), and their one-month-old son, Greggory Scott Reynen (DOB: 04/19/1968), headed East. While in Newark, James Michael Reynen (DOB: 08/06/1969), and David John Reynen (DOB: 07/01/1970) were born. Click here for information about these "branches" -- though they aren't "branches" of the same magnitude as the others, since these "branches" are my brothers' families... Again, you may want to open the webpage into a new window and toggle back-and-forth to view this one and that one at essentially the same time.

    Rev. Kenneth E. Reynen was licensed and ordained by the Classis of Rochester in 1968, and he and Nancy served RCA churches in Newark, New York (1968-1972: Arcadia -- now known as Woodlane); Sioux City, Iowa, (1972-1975: Morningside -- now known as Sunnybrook Community Church); Holland, Michigan (1975-1988: Fellowship); and Norco, California (1988-1997: Church on the Hill). In 1997, Kenneth was examined by and taken under the care of the Presbytery of Riverside (of the Presbyterian Church, USA) so that he could become a member of the Presbytery of San Fernando, upon receiving a call to Grandview Presbyterian Church in Glendale, California, a church he faithfully served from the Fall of 2007 until his retirement on April 19, 2009 -- the same day the church's Session (i.e., its Board of Elders) announced that the title of Pastor Emeritus was being conferred upon him by Grandview. What's more is that during the time he was ministering in the Presbytery of San Fernando, Kenneth was also able to complete his Doctor of Ministry (DMin) degree from Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California.

    While Ken served churches in New York, Iowa, and Michigan, Nancy was a stay-at-home mom. In addition, for a few years before moving to California, Nancy was a busy, highly-regarded substitute teacher at West Ottawa High School in Holland, Michigan. When the K.E. Reynen family moved to California (Corona) in 1988, Nancy began teaching Language Arts at Auburndale Intermediate School, where she stayed until her retirement in June of 2005.

    These days, you can find Ken & Nancy spending time with their kids and grandkids (Greg & Denise and their boys, Spencer & Tate; Jim & Jennifer and their daughter, Grace, and son, Noah; Dave & Jill and their boys, Alex & Tyler); traveling all over the country and the world; going for long walks; or relaxing by their pool.

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     David John Reynen, the son of Kenneth Eugene and Nancy (Herlein) Reynen and the author/editor of the above text, has a website that provides personal information, including some information about his own family -- and about his two older brothers, Greg and Jim, as well...who are also listed here.

    And, to make this webpage include yet another Reynen family generation, it is worth mentioning/repeating that Dave Reynen and his wife, Jill Dene Whitney, are the proud parents of two members of the next (i.e., the "latest") generation of Reynens:

    Alexander Whitney Reynen (DOB: 11/04/1999) and Tyler Whitney Reynen (DOB: 08/16/2001).

    In summary: starting at the top and moving down about 250 years (again, within my ancestral line):

  • Joanna Jansen - if I have the right Hermanus, this is his grandma
  • Gerardus Dirk Reijnen - if I have the right Hermanus, this is his dad
  • Hermanus Reijnen - the name is correct (Do I have the right guy? I think so.)
  • Bartholomeus Reijnen - earliest documented ancestor in family papers
  • Cornelis Reijnen
  • Albirt Reijnen (Albert Reynen)
  • Cornelius Gysbert Reynen -- first generation born in the US
  • Kenneth Eugene Reynen
  • David John Reynen
  • Alexander Whitney Reynen (and Tyler Whitney Reynen)

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    Return to/For more information about Dave Reynen (David J. Reynen)

    Again, to see some of the "branches" to my (Dave's) part of the Reynen family tree, please click here (you may want to open the webpage into a new window and toggle back-and-forth to view this one and that one at essentially the same time).

    Last updated on April 20, 2009